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This second album by 1-Presence is about family – the human family, my own family, past present and future. Song downloads, dedications and concepts are located below.

“1- Presence”

The recording moniker refers to a belief in there being only one ‘reason’ for all that exists. Yes, we are all connected, all people, all nature, and all matter, this is nothing new to most people. But we are also now discovering that the cause of matter is likely immaterial – metaphysical. It seems that what we thought was nothing is now the something that is the reason for everything – and, it is who we really are. As Sting said: “We are spirits in the material world”. So it is the deeper understanding of this reality that is being reinforced – exploring the growth of this emerging consciousness one song at a time, over the last decade.


People invariably ask “what style of music?” and so a description is necessary:
Contemporary acoustic and classically influenced alternative rock .

The songs on this second album have been influenced by my favorite artists:
Pink Floyd (song 10), Peter Gabriel (songs 1 & 3), Yes (song 4), Joe Satriani (songs 7 & 12), U2 & Coldplay (song 5), Jack Johnson (song 9), Pearl Jam/RHCP/Soundgarden (songs 13 & 15), plus a few others in which you may hear your favorite influences. Which also means that there is something here for almost everyone. Song 11 for example is semi-country, and song 16 could be called a dramatic soundtrack piece. In the end, it is all just music – the greatest universal language that humans have.

Song Clips (download buttons are below)

  1. We Need Love – speaks for itself.
  2. Misunderstanding – is about how negative emotions and conflicts always seem to arise from a simple lack of communication.
  3. Inner Grace – is about the change taking place in people this year and over the last few thousands of years, and in the future.
  4. Glorious Miracle – a story of ‘boy meets girl’, with a sad twist, and a deeper message.
  5. S.O.S. – asks the question: ‘who is ultimately responsible?’
  6. Beautiful Day – even a ‘bleeding heart’ artist needs to smell the roses sometimes.
  7. Perfect Now – dedicated to our son Christian.
  8. Olivia Soleil – dedicated to our daughter Olivia.
  9. Beautiful Girl – dedicated to my wife Jacqueline.
  10. I Know – dedicated to my daughter Chas, and the human race.
  11. Live My Life – dedicated to my brother Barry who overcame all obstacles.
  12. Do It All Again – dedicated to my life.
  13. Price On My Head – dedicated to the peaceful people of Tibet who stand against Chinese military oppression.
  14. It’s Ok – dedicated to The Teacher of Love.
  15. Sovereign Soul – dedicated to spiritual freedom.
  16. Epica – just a fitting way to end the album.

With BIG Thanks to:

Jacqueline, Christian, Olivia, Chas, my four parents, my brothers and sisters and extended family, Scott Gamble (Drums on #1, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #10, #13 and graphics), Jim Ryan (Bass on #1, #3 verse 2, #6) , Hunter Geiger (vocals on #6), Barb Samuel, Tim Van Brummelen, Jay Magus, David Lindley (Rap vocal on #13), Zac Waterlow (Drums on #15), Dan Robertson, Corey Bell, Paul & Chris Neufeld, Scott Nettleton, Graydon Johnston, Eric Pauly, Les Kobayashi (Web development), plus the other audio students who helped in the studio, and also my many friends and clients over the years who support the studio’s existence.


Purchasing the songs:

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